Mykonos Cruises

Mykonos Cruises

We sail for a once in a life time experience…

Take your place! We begin our unforgettable trip!

Starting from Mykonos with our luxury M/S Phoebus to live memorable moments.
In Phoebus, we offer all the comforts with excellent facilities to meet the requirements of even the most demanding traveler.
In extraordinary elegance and unique beauty ship, you can live a unique experience by organizing your own event just like you imagined!
because our little moments we want them all perfect!

Travelling in time’s water
A magical experience. A dreaming adventure.
A journey that begins in yesterday, waves in today and attaches to tomorrow.
A thrilling narration in the unpredictable sea world and the uniquness of the moment.
A route capable to put under spell even the most demanding traveller.

M/S Phoebus is not a simple ship. it Is about a delicate creation whose aspect wakes sensations and gives life to fantasy.

With M/S Phoebus you enjoy every single moment.

Phoebu’s crew guarantees that nothing will be less than you have imagined!
With us you can organize:

  • The routes of your choice and sail tours at selected Mykonos beach locations with swim
  • A day trip arround Mykonos
  • Escapes to the nearby island of Rhenia, Delos, Tinos & Paros & etc
  • breaks whilst Beach Hopping
  • Unique routes during the sunset and nights with special events.
  • Disk Jockey
  • Lunch & BBQ on board
  • Amazing Parties on Board with soft drinks, Alcoholic regular drinks, Cocktails and Shots!
  • The wedding party of your dreams
  • any other event you desire

Furthermore in daily base we organize:

Art exhibitions that will arouse your interest and will turn your cruise into a unique trip in the mysterious and charming world of Phoebus…

That is Phoebus.

A traditional wooden caique motor-sale that will make your most beautiful desires come true.

We deserve more from our vacations!

The need for escape is a demand for our survival.
With Phoebus we offer you an option beyond the usual.
A unique opportunity to collect experiences and to be “witched” from the Aegean’s blue sea with comfort and luxury.

  • Escape at Delos, Appolos holy island, shelter of Lito and the center of Cyclades magic circle.
  • Visiting small ports and deserted beaches for swimming and endless games.

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