About Phoebus

to create from nothing…
Said the poet. At the end, this is Phoebus!

An old merchant ship hull that, despite the hardships and the rough seas, maintained its beauty and charm across time…

That was it! Zannis Koukas, a well-known artist and decorator, came across it, and a new challenge was born: The transformation of Phoebus, with a goal to restore its traditional beauty and to highlight the unique identity of the boat.

It took six years of relentless and constant work to make all necessary interventions and changes, and then, finally, the dream of Zannis, became a reality.

Phoebus is characterized by its Aegean Sea hull, which more than half a century has identified with the waters of the Aegean Sea, and complemented by an open deck that liberates all senses and leads all of us to the perfect blue.

Eventually the old ferryboat was transformed into a luxury cruise ship. It has traces of ancient times, but it has totally modern elements.

It is a work of art that offers sophisticated facilities capable of satisfying the most demanding of travelers, those who wish to feel in tune with Aegean culture

Dare it!


Year: 1998 (reconstruction) / Year: 1948 built)

  • Engines: Badewein x 215 BHP & 1 Leyland x 180 HP
  • Cruising Speed: 7-9 knots
  • Length: 21.60 meters
  • Beam: 15 meters
  • Depth: 3.05
  • Water Capacity: 1,800 Tons
  • Cargo Fuel: 1.5 Tons
  • Generators: 1 x 20 Kw, 1 x 16 Kw
  • Crew: 3


  • Open BAR / Special catering upon request
  • Live Band upon request / Stereo Music, Microphones
  • Inside/Outside Bars
  • Dinning / Lounge (Upper deck)
  • Lounge (Lower deck)
  • Sun deck
  • Fully air conditioned
  • WC 2 + one shower
  • Five refrigerators / Deep freezer


Life Jackets for 80 PAX / 2 Life Rafts (each 25 PAX) / Firefighting Holon for engine / 5 Portable fire extinguishers

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